3 Word Rebellion One Page Brand Message Map

For the Trailblazing Entrepreneur who Wants To Grow their Business into a Movement

You want to get in front of more people and grow your business but you’re struggling with showing up because you feel scattered, overwhelmed and you have too many ideas and don’t know what’s the “right” direction to take your business.

Your message is strewn across a hundred different google docs, journals, and post-it notes from all the different courses and programs you’ve taken over the years   

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a tool that could organize that chaos into a simple, concise brand message on a page that you can use to create all of your content, all of your social media posts, all of your marketing funnels? 

Well rebel, your wish has been granted.

Dr. Michelle Mazur presents: 

The 3 Word Rebellion One Page Brand Message Map 

The One Page Brand Message Map is a downloadable template where you can fill-in-the-blanks with your ideas and within 30-minutes turn the chaos into a concise brand message on a page, that you can use for the next 12-18 months for your brand. 

Not only this tool will save you time and give you structure, but also the One Page Map would set you up for 2020 so you no longer have to throw content spaghetti on the wall or waste money on ads and can have a one of a kind messaging that attracts more of the right clients so you can sell more of your services at higher prices. 

 And even if you’re the type of person who’s bought lots of courses and trainings, this tool is perfect for helping you put your knowledge into action. 

And the best part is, once it’s done you can even hand it off to your team to create content for you that’s on-brand.


  • Experts, Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Authors 
  • Creative businesses, marketers, designers, artists etc. 
  • Agency owners, e-commerce businesses,
  • Any industry as long as you have a brand you want to share with the World.  

This one-pager will include the most important details of what to say every day to market your services, such as:

  • Take your scattered ideas and turn it into a concise, structured brand message that sells in about 30-minutes.
  • Writing prompts, fill-in-the-blank exercises, and brainstorming activities to give you brand message clarity fast.
  • The most important information about your ideal client that allows you to write content that quickly connects
  • BONUS: Video training on how to use the Messaging Map in your business and how to complete it for maximum effectiveness. 
  • BONUS: Video training on how to create your own client journey so that you can take people from “who the hell are you” to “shut up and take my money”
  • BONUS: A  Call-to-Action Cheat Sheet for Each Stage of the Audience Journey copy-paste CTAs that you can use in your social media, content and your map (never guess at what the right CTA again) 
  • BONUS: Define Your Core Business Values Cheat Sheet this is a foundational exercise for finding your message 



To use the map, all you’ll need is a FREE Google account or PowerPoint. 

You will get a downloadable Google Slide Deck or PowerPoint Deck that you can copy-paste into your files.

Then, all you have to do is simply fill it out, answer a few questions and complete some journaling prompts (similar to what you would do in a quiz or in an intake form). The map will help you organize your message so you can share it!

You get all of this for a one-time fee of $99!

The bottom line is, this Brand Messaging Map will help you grow your audience, attract more ideal clients, save time and remove overwhelm and put your scattered ideas into a structured brand message that sells on a single page. 

6 Modules

3 Word Rebellion Brand Messaging Map

Download Your Copy of the One Page Brand Message Map!

Video: Explanation of the 5 Parts of the Brand Message Map

Explanation of the 5 Parts of the Brand Message Map

This video explains the 5 parts of the Brand Message Map, how to approach completing the map quickly and efficiently, and how complete the exercises included in the Brand Message Map.

Video: Brand Message Map Demo

Demo of How to Use the Brand Message Map

If you learn better from watching someone else USE the map vs. hearing me explain the different concepts, this is the training for you.

I fill out the Brand Message Map for my business, Communication Rebel.

Video: How to Create Your Customer Journey

How to Create Conversations that Grow Your Audience, Generate Leads & Close Sales

Most entrepreneurs fly by the seat of their pants when it comes to creating social media, blog posts, and/or podcast episodes that grow their audience and business. They have no idea what works to get their audience to act. This training shows you how to create a Client Journey that puts you in control of creating content that converts.

Bonus: Messaging Cheat Sheets

Cheat Sheets to Make Finding Your Message Easy

Cheat Sheet #1: Calls-To-Action for Each Stage of the Audience Journey

Cheat Sheet #2: Find Your Business's Core Values

Bonus: Replay 5 Messaging Shifts to Grow Your Audience & Predictably Generate Revenue

Replay: 5 Messaging Shifts to Grow Your Audience & Predictably Generate Revenue for Your Business

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