3 Word Rebellion Toolkit

Looking for the Additional Resources Mentioned in the 3 Word Rebellion Book?

This is the place where you can access those resources plus get news and updates from the author.

Don't have the book? No problem.

Go get it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble right now! 

5 Modules

3 Word Rebellion Writing Prompts

These writing prompts are helpful to do once a quarter to create more content around your 3 Word Rebellion. 

[Video] How to the 3 Word Rebellion Analysis

Need more help analyzing your free writing? Watch this.

[VIdeo]Trouble Finding Your 3 Word Rebellion? Watch This.

If you're struggling to figure out your 3 Word Rebellion. Watch this.

Fillable Audience Journey Map

When you've created all of your messaging, print this out, fill out the boxes and keep it handy!

Need 3 Word Rebellion Inspiration? The Rebel Uprising Podcast

Need inspiration to find your 3 Word Rebellion?

The Rebel Uprising podcast is here to help!

Hear from the business owners featured in the book the 3 Word Rebellion and hear how their 3 Word Rebellion impacted their business.

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