3 Word Rebellion 1:1 Messaging Intensive

Your Message Has the Power to Make  You the ONLY Option in Your Industry

  • Call in your right fit audience who become your biggest fans
  • Know exactly what to say to turn strangers on the Internet into clients who are ready for your work
  • Inspire others to be a messenger of your 3 Word Rebellion & champions of your work

Your message works for your business 24/7 when it's not working it costs you income and impact.

Your message (what I call your 3 Word Rebellion) should showcase the brilliance of your work and position you as the ONLY choice in your industry.

When you have that 3 Word Rebellion, magic starts to happen:

  • Your dream client says “Heck yes” because they know how you get results and there is NO ONE else they’d rather work with.  
  • You’ve got a message that only you can deliver which means you can charge more. because NO ONE ELSE can do what you do -- competition? What competition?
  • You wake up to not one, not two, but THREE requests for you to speak.
  • Your name is on the tips of everyone's tongue because you're known for your work.

Most of all when you dedicate time and energy to your 3 Word Rebellion, you'll be able to serve more of the people you love and use your ideas to create change in your field and even the world.

You'll walk away with all the messaging you need to impact millions

Your 3 Word Rebellion -- The ultimate hook :: These three words will call in your audience, make them curious about what you're up to, and get them talking about your message so that you can get known!

Your Model/Methodology or Manifesto :: This is the must-have piece of messaging to differentiates you from your competition. It’s how you communicate your value and how you show. It’s why people hire you (and pay you more).

You're pitch ready :: The angle for that podcast, speaking, or guest blog pitch is totally done. An elevator pitch that makes people say “Oh hell yes! I want to know more.” Stories that have the media swooning - DONE! Ideas for website copy and marketing - handled.

Audience deep dive :: An in-depth understanding of your audience's motivations and resistance to acting on what you offer. You'll know how to overcome their resistance so that your people feel seen and heard and value what you offer.

The Client Decision Journey (from resistance to heck yes!) :: Move your audience from being curious about your 3 Word Rebellion to being 100% bought into your vision. Have a systematic way of using your talking points to show your audience why your message is THEIR message, too.

3 (or more) stories to support your rebellion :: Connect to the emotions of your people and give the audience a reason to believe in your message. The people who buy into your movement and business need to FEEL to take action. 

Action steps for sharing your rebellion :: A plan with more content ideas than you can count on how to launch your message so that people find out about you FAST.

A 3 Word Rebellion Messaging Master Plan ::  We document your message in one place, so you can access it when you need to prepare for your speech, that podcast interview, or even when Oprah calls.

A campaign to launch your 3 Word Rebellion :: All of this messaging work does no one any good if it dies in a Google Doc. Let's build a marketing campaign for your audience to begin establishing you as the go-to person, and attracting the right people to your practice. The goal is to launch this campaign within 30-days of finishing our work together! 


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